Media Partnering is the hot new trend in PR

Brands have mushroomed and everyone is fighting for the limited space in the media. Getting your brand in the news has become tougher. However, PR has found a new way to get its foothold in the media through media partnership. This works best for events, co-branding, social causes and so on.

What is media partnership?

In simple terms, media partnership is a collaboration between your brand and a media house. This exclusive cooperation will generate mutually beneficial publicity.

Why choose media partnership?

Media partnership helps you enhance your marketing and promotion activities. It’s a win-win situation for both as it brings credibility to efforts of both partners’ efforts through a ‘third party endorsement’. This is an ideal solution for organisations with a low campaign budgets. For instance, a publication that has a media partnership contract will be more likely to publish your news and articles. This extends your reach in a big way.

Identify your media partner carefully

Before you approach your media partner, there are a few things that you must think through. Choose a media house that will reach your TG effectively. The media vehicle, television, print or radio may differ depending on what kind of brand campaign you are planning to roll out. If your campaign is highly visual, a TV partner would work.

How to work it out

Successful media partnering is all about coming up with something they want and getting something in return. You could offer exclusive content and photos or videos, photos with your brand ambassador, display of the partner’s logo on your promotion materials and websites. In return, you can ask for an interview, series of articles, mention in your partner’s social media posts and so on.

Don’t just think editorial, think advertorial

An advertorial can help as much as an editorial mention. A media partner can help you get a  solid advertorial space that brings trust and credibility for your brand.

How to promote your event through media partnering

Whether you are planning a show, a conference, exhibition or any other event, media partnering can work wonders both in terms of reaching numbers and also creating the hype needed. While you could include your partner in your promotional material, provide stage mentions, provide space for their banners and publicity material, allow them access to exclusive content and so on. In turn, they will help create a buzz around your event. Make sure you get the message right, focus on the uniqueness of the event, its features and more.

Co-branding can work wonders

Other ways to get into media partnering are through co-branding, crafting a campaign or activity for a social cause together for instance. This will bring both partners better visibility and reach.


How customisation in PR can be a game changer

How customisation in PR can be a game changer

PR is a skilful game where each move has to be calculated with precision to win. Here’s a look at a challenging assignment that came our way and how we made this a national success for our clients.

Since 1995, Chennai-based Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation has been giving away the Mahaveer Awards to outstanding individuals and organisations. The concept was to recognise their excellence in propagation of `Non-violence & Vegetarianism’, `Education’, `Medicine’ and `Community & Social Service’. Recently, the 19th edition of this was held.


The Foundation had so far identified, recognised and honoured over 60 individuals and institutions doing selfless service for the welfare of the needy, the weak and the voiceless.  They had been continuously giving away these awards, yet wanted to reach out even further. Their goal was to reach out to individuals across India and secure nominations. However, this was not happening despite their best efforts. It’s then that they approached us.

We analysed their target group and came up with a Pan-Indian strategy. We took a three-pronged approach. We created Regional Content, translated it into Regional Languages and had Regional Partners to disseminate this.

We understood that there was a lack of awareness about these awards. We needed to not only build awareness but also whip up the enthusiasm for this so that there were a larger number of nominations.

We first looked for Local Partners in every nook and cranny of the country and tied up with them. They became the torch bearers of our mission to spread awareness and garner nominations.

We also realised that the one-size-fits-all approach would not work with the content. We did not want to take te esy way out and use a single release for all regions. We went through the award lists and state wise looked at the winners. We customised every single press release that went out depending on the region. For instance, the Kerala press release went with the names of previous award winners in the region. This created the connect.

The press releases were translated into vernacular languages  ranging from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi to Punjabi. This brought in the local flavour and multiplied the reach exponentially.

After the PR campaign which was run in newspapers across the length and breadth of the country, things changed dramatically. Nominations poured in from all quarters, from Punjab to the North East to South India. This provided greater choice.

The Mahaveer Awards also got a greater audience and platform across the country. It drew in a lot of recognition and respect for the good work they were doing.  Besides the publicity they gained the good will that it brought and the dissemination of their noble  ideals.

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