Want to be a successful PR specialist?

By S. Sridevikripa

How to be a successful PR specialist

As we all know, the proverb `Practice makes perfect’ holds good for Public relations too. PR agencies have to constantly ‘exercise’ basic PR skills in order to be successful. The basic PR skills a PR specialist needs are excellent writing and verbal communication abilities. Over and above, a PR specialist also must know to work under pressure and be able to answer a variety of questions including unexpected ones.

In many cases, this requires a great deal of flexibility in terms of both working style and schedule, especially in times of crisis situations. For example, when a negative news about the client gets into public or when media pose unpleasant questions, PR specialist is expected to respond promptly and efficiently in order to help the client retain their good reputation. To cope with such demands agencies need to ensure they have a top strategic PR person handling the account.

Sometimes, new challenges may demand for a change in the approach to reach our goal. Changing when things change and acting accordingly will only help in achieving our targets.


What is PR?

By S. Sridevikripa

What is PR?


Public relations is a low cost, potent marketing tool for individuals, groups, organizations, corporates or anybody who have the need to communicate their presence, profile, projects, products and services  to the public, especially the target audience, to benefit from each other.

Suitable to the specific need, expected outreach and timeframe, any appropriate strategies such as campaigns through ads & write-ups, meetings with target audience, the use of newsletters/direct mailers/paper inserts, event management, organizing road shows/seminars, social media, internet can be used periodically for maintaining a positive image and creating a strong relationship with the audience.

The basic requirement for an individual / organization, deciding to indulge in a media-related PR exercise is good (media-worthy) news. Depending upon its newsworthiness and validity, news about them can be featured in any publication/media. To reiterate the previous point, the basic necessity for media coverage is just interesting and valid news! We can achieve optimal publicity only if there is such news that the media can cover.

The vehicle to achieve one’s publicity goal is seeking the service of PR consultancy. PR consultants by establishing and maintaining relationships with target audience, the media and other opinion leaders will help in the publicity and image building

Success in PR domain requires a deep understanding of the business interests, concerns and publicity requirements specific to the particular client / assignment. The public relations professional must know how to effectively address those concerns and achieve the desired results through publicity.


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